About Our Raw Diet for Dogs Formula




A Formula made with only the best cuts of beef. Our Beef Formula is a diet created with the balance of fat & protein. This formula is chock full of vegetables, minerals,and all the necessary nutrients. (Puppy Formula Available).


A well balanced formula made from whole chicken & organs including complex carbohydrates, with the added benefits of pre & probiotics added to enhance GI tract health & well being.. (Puppy Formula Available).


Natural fat source in a delectable mixture of rich duck meat with fresh vegetables. Great for your protein sensitive dogs, who could also benefit from the naturals oils provided by the rich duck meat to help keep coats looking healthy, and shiny all the time .(Puppy Formula Available).


A Hypoallergenic Formula, if your pet has shown to be allergic to many protein sources our fish formulas may be for you. One of our best diets full of Omega 3 & 6 Fatty Acids that are necessary to help support the skin, coat, eyes, and more. Fish Formula(s) is also a tasty formula for healthy & fast weight loss. Indulge Your Pet With Other Proteins Like Salmon, Mackerel, and Our Puppy Formulas.(Puppy Formula Available)


Our fattiest formula,that’s highly palatable & made for dogs with high activity levels and for dogs involved in strenuous muscle building training. A favorite amongst trainers due to high fat content, relatively low moisture, and well balanced vegetables & carbohydrates.


A Formula that’s easy on the digestive tract and made with fresh USDA Whole Turkey & Organ Meats. A great formula for pets with sensitive stomachs,that need to lose weight, or need a leaner healthier diet.Our 99% Fat Free Turkey Formula is tasty and leaves your pet feeling better than ever before ! (Puppy formula Available).