Benefits of Feeding H.A.P.D

  • Reduction of Doggy Odor, Shedding, & Bad Breath
  • Less Stool Due To Reduction Of Waste Because, Our Formulas Provide Much More Vegetables, Fruits, Protein, and Less Carbohydrates So, It Reduces Waste.
  • Easy Right To Your Door Delivery
  • Made Fresh When You Order. We don’t believe in flash freezing or using artificial preservatives so, to maintain quality every formula is made fresh with fresh ingredients.
  • Increase In Energy & A Much More Positive Attitude
  • A Decrease in Food Allergies & Allergic Reactions Such As Itchiness, Dry Skin, Hives & More!
  • Better Weight Control Significantly Reducing The Possibility of Arthritis, Hip Dysplasia, & Diabetes and More !!!
  • 20% Extended Life Expectancy (We’ve Had Dogs That Have Lived Up To 17 years)
  • Increased Pregnancy Management In Females Due to Increased High-Quality
    Ingredients and No Harmful Additives or Artificial Preservatives To Cause Any Harm. A Well Balanced Diet Ensures Healthy Puppies & Faster Recovery Rater
    For The Mother.

Benefits of Feeding A Balanced & Diverse Diet

  • Extended Life Span
  • Provides Essential Nutrition That Your Dog Can Only Get From Fresh, High Quality, Human Grade Ingredients
  • When dogs are given the same food for an extended period of time, with little variation, it can often happen that they build up intolerances to certain ingredients. This manifests in the form of allergies, sensitivities, and sometimes with the pet simply refusing to eat. By adding novel proteins and increasing variation in the diet, the likelihood of developing intolerances decreases significantly.
  • No single food source holds everything your pet needs in its diet. Every protein has a different amino acid composition and different foods offer different vitamins, nutrients, fatty acids, and enzymes that are unique to their own particular buildup. Therefore, every type of food has its strengths and its weaknesses and the best way to ensure a complete and balanced diet is to offer a variety of meals and food sources that can help to create a dynamic and full diet.
  • By varying the types of protein and food you give your dog you keep them from getting bored of the same old food, day after day. This allows you to get a sense of your dog’s likes and dislikes, and is especially good for those dogs who are such picky eaters!
  • Dogs only produce 13 of 23 essential vital amino acids. The other 10 come from a well-balanced fresh diet and a combination of proteins!