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Our dogs suffered from multiple health issues such as fatigue, weight gain, muscle tears, bone fractures, food allergies, and regular infections. That’s why we got in the kitchen and started cooking, mixing, adding, experimenting until we found a perfect blend that is balanced & improved our dogs’ health tremendously. Since, then we have been improving & providing our formulas to dogs all over the US. Don’t keep your pets waiting.
You have tried the rest now try the best.

At HAPD we are working together with both pet owners and the veterinary community to produce a diet that meet all of your pet’s nutritional needs, as well as providing products that are affordably priced. We strive to keep our products fresh, and always to the high quality and standards you have come to expect. Providing our four legged friends with a diet they can eat and enjoy is what we are all about.

Each of our homemade style formulations will provide your pet with not only top of the line nutrition, but also a fulfilling diet. We also can create custom-made tailored diets & supplements for dogs with allergies, weight problems, & other health issues. We also provide supplements that are easy to use & store. Freshly prepared when ordered, never warehoused to maintain the nutritional integrity of our product. This process takes an estimated 2 to 4 days to process, manufacture, and ship.

We Proudly Stand Behind the Quality of our Formulations.


Why Veterinarians, Pet Owners, Breeders & Trainers Love Our Dog Food

Premium Quality

We strive to keep our products fresh, and always to the high quality and standards you have come to expect.

Ready to Use

Easy to use & store, Freshly prepared when ordered, never warehoused to maintain the nutritional integrity of our product.

100% Natural Ingredients

Fresh, Raw & Balanced Formulas. Providing complete nutrition from natural, organic, high quality meat & vegetables.


Over the past 20 years, we have been improving & making advancements in our Formulas & Supplements, and we are always researching ways to make our products better and easier to use for you & your pet.


Wash Hands & All Utensils in Warm/Hot Water with Soap After Handling Formulas & Raw Meats.

For Dogs of All shape, sizes, & breeds

We offer a large variety of formulas & supplements for puppies, older dogs, active dogs, family pets, no matter the breed, age, or size we have a formula or formulas for your pup!

Benefits of Feeding H.A.P.D

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Sport Mix Formula


A combination of two protein sources. One protein source to provide a higher caloric intake to help maximize energy output and the other protein source to help provide muscle-building nutrients to help repair and build muscles in our working and competing pets.

Lamb Formula


Our fattiest formula, that’s highly palatable & made for dogs with high activity levels and for dogs involved in strenuous muscle building training. A favorite amongst trainers due to high-fat content, relatively low moisture.


Fish Formula


Hypoallergenic Formulas, if your Pet has shown to be allergic to many protein sources our Fish Formula(s) may be for you. Our Fish Fish Formula(s) is one of our best diets full of Omega 3 & 6 Fatty Acids that are necessary to help support the skin, coat, eyes, and more. Fish Formula is also a tasty formula for healthy & fast weight loss.

Indulge Your Pet With Our Variety of Fish Proteins Like Salmon, Mackerel, and Our Puppy Formulas.


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Duck Formula


A heavier formula, filled with the heartiness of a great duck meal. Great for our allergic pets that need a diet based on a novel protein source.


Chicken Formula


A well-balanced formula made from whole chicken & organs including complex carbohydrates, with the added benefits of pre & probiotics added to enhance GI tract health & well-being. A protein that aids in the building of muscle mass while providing essential nutrients & vitamins such as Omega 6 Fatty Acids & Glucosamine. A simple starting diet and a favorite amongst many pets of all shapes & sizes!


Beef Formula


A Formula made with only the best cuts of beef. Our Beef Formula is a diet created with a balance of fat & protein. This formula is chock-full of vegetables, minerals, and all the necessary nutrients such as Vitamin B, Vitamin A, Iron, Niacin, and Omega 3 & 6 Fatty Acids and more! A formula created to feed & build muscle.

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