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Dermal Support


Dermal Support: As the name implies, we found this supplement to be essential in the building of a stronger and healthier looking skin and coat. It helps replace the essential fatty acids your dogs coat may be lacking. This is a supplement full of fatty acids and biotin useful and necessary for the health of both skin and coats. We have also seen itch relief and reduction in skin and ear infection. Recommended for dogs that suffer from skin damage, hair loss, excessive shedding, and other skin issues.

Immune Support


This supplement helps enhance the immune system of pets that may be under stress from either traveling, competing, whelping a litter, or any situation that may leave them vulnerable to illness.
Recommended for dogs that are healing from injury, surgery, or a traumatic experience. Stress can lower your pets’ immune system so, providing natural ingredients that aid in lowering stress levels and ingredients that are aiding in healing & maintaining your pets’ overall health can prevent future illnesses.

Joint Solution


A supplement that is fast-acting, and offers maximum power! A liquid supplement that aides in maintaining and strengthening joint health & flexibility in your dog. Whether your dog is a sport dog or is an older dog suffering from joint pain, Joint Solution is your solution! Our supplement is a mixture of strong vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that you can’t find anywhere else!

Joint Support


A supplement made to help dogs maintain & support joint health by providing essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that your pup can’t get anywhere else.
Joint Support will aid in the improvement of flexibility and overall joint health for any breed. This supplement is recommended for high activity dogs, older dogs, and dogs who have a higher likelihood of joint damage or joint issues.

Life Maintenance Supplement


If you have a dog who is under 7 years of age, and you want him to live a happy and healthy productive life. There can be nothing better than Life Maintenance for that daily dose of vitamins and minerals. It is almost like a daily multivitamin supplement we can use to keep our bodies healthy and happy.
This supplement is recommended for dogs that may be lacking or needs extra vitamins & minerals to help keep their tails wagging or just to ensure your pup is getting all their essential vitamins & minerals and keeping their immune system strong. The vitamins & minerals in this supplement can aid in overall health but can specifically aid in digestion issues, fatigue, skin health, and more…!

Muscle Up


A serious supplement for the serious working dog. The highly digestible supplement provides your pet with the essential amino acid, enzymes, and minerals necessary to help build and maintain lean muscle mass through the use of natural plants, and whole meats. Muscle up is the supplement to reach for when your pet’s health and physical fitness is important.
Recommended for dogs that are looking for a supplement to aid in muscle building, and have a rigorous workout routine. This supplement also provides the necessary nutrients for muscle repair and high energy levels.

Puppy Max Supplement


A new puppy is an existing purchase but many times they are sold to unsuspecting buyers, not in their best health and physical condition. Once that new pup becomes part of your household, it would only be fair to start them on the right track to healthy all-round conditioning. Our Puppy Max Supplement allows you to give your pup that immune boost they need to reach their full potential. Start your pup off on the right track.

System Purification Supplement


If your dog has been on dry food for a long period of time and you are starting our natural diet, we recommend this supplement for them. It is a great detox for dogs who are transitioning from dry food or who have been hospitalized.
This Supplement will aid in the transition of switching from kibble to our formulas. By detoxing your pup you are removing the food that may be causing your dog issues such as food allergens that can be triggering a reaction. This supplement also helps to show you the owner to see the transition of your pet from kibble to raw. Starting off right helps build better for the future.

Triple XXX Oil


A Safe & Natural Source of Omega 3 & 6 Fatty Acids and Vitamin E, Niacin, Biotin, Vitamin B12 & More…!
Our Triple X Oil Will Provide Your Dog With The Necessary Element for Healthy Skin & A Shiny Coat. This Oil Will Help With Necessary Weight Gain & Maintenance of Your Pup!