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System Purification


If your dog has been on dry food for a long period of time and you are starting our natural diet, we recommend this supplement for them. It is a great detox for dogs who are transitioning from dry food or who have been hospitalized. Too often we miss the warning signs of toxic matter build up in their bodies. Since our pets are not able to tell us when they are not feeling well, we have to be observant of signs as they manifest. Look out for poor coats, lack of appetite, diarrhea, lethargy, and the list goes on and on. We faced with these problems reach for the only system purifier your pet needs

 Ingredients: Milk Thistle, Blue Green Algae, Selenium, Sprinula, Flaxseed,  Artichoke Extract, Vitamins and Minerals, Dehydrated Organic Vegetables, Dehydrated, Chicken breast and Liver

Usage Info: Due to the concentrated nature of this supplement, we recommend you use half the started dose until pet has adjusted to new supplement. (Sprinkle over food 2 times a day)

 10-20 lbs use  ¼ teaspoon                50-75 lbs  use 1 tablespoon

25-45 lbs use  ½ teaspoon                Over 75 lbs use 2 tablespoon



Over the past number of years there  has been numerous advancements made in the world of Veterinarian pet diets, and supplements.

We at HAPD are grateful  to you for giving us a chance to make a difference in your pets health, and nutrition.

By providing nutrients in a highly palatable form, we are changing the way your pet receives and utilizes the vital nutrients they need to continue a healthy and happy life.

  • Our supplements are easy to use and come in convenient to store light proof containers.
  • Easy to sprinkle over food or made into a slurry and used in substitution feedings.
  • One of the benefits of choosing our supplements  is that it can be compounded two different ways while still providing the highest quality of raw nutrition found in any unprocessed supplement. Most formulations on the market come based in one base, ours comes in a general base and a hypoallergenic base. We have something for every health need of your pet.
  • – Wheat, soy, and grain free.
  • Plant protein source used to reduce the possibility of allergic reactions to meat sources.
  • Ability to tailor make a supplement to fit your pets need.
  • Made fresh, and never warehoused to maintain the nutritional integrity of our product.

Additional information

Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 11 × 6 × .5 in


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