Healthy Alternative Pet Diet v2 - sized


Over the past 20 years, there have been numerous advancements made in the work of pet food & supplements.

We at H.A.P.D are grateful to you for giving us a chance to make a difference in your pet’s health & nutrition. Providing nutrients in a highly palatable form, we are changing the way your pet receives and utilizes the vital nutrients they need to continue a healthy & happy life. At Healthy Alternative Pet Diets we prepare a large variety of different formulations that your pets will just love! There are no other pet formulas out there that can provide your pet with the quality, and taste of a high-quality product like one of our formulations.

Each of our homemade style formulations will provide your pet with not only top of the line nutrition but also a fulfilling diet. We also can create custom made. tailored diets & supplements for dogs with allergies, weight problems, & other health issues. Easy to use & store, Freshly prepared when ordered, never warehoused to maintain the nutritional integrity of our product.

We Proudly Stand Behind the Quality of our Formulations.

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