No words will ever be adequate to express my heartfelt, lifelong gratitude and praise for this wonderful company and staff. The products I have bought from this company not only changed the life of my precious Service Dog Katrina, but gave her a new life.

Katrina was plagued with itchy skin that especially came with a vengeance when warmer weather arrived. How she itched scratched, and bit at her fur, almost constantly. How I cried, as I realized traditional vet treatment, would only last temporarily, not to mention could be harmful. I knew these environmental allergies had to stop, sleepless nights had to stop, and her healing had to start. A friend of mine who has multiple dogs with similar issues recommended Dermal Support that was recommended to her, by professionals. I had researched and tried everything else, with no success, until I bought Dermal Support. It truly is a miracle in a pouch! Almost immediately, all of Katrina’s issues disappeared never to return again. I truly am a thousand percent sure that it is solely the Dermal support that cured Katrina! Each and every time I sprinkle this miraculous formula over Katrina’s food, I give thanks in my heart for such an awesome product, which smells great, and is an all natural nutritional supplement. Dermal Support has exceeded my expectations…It has helped so much that it seems like Katrina never had any problems at all.

To be honest, I never really trusted commercial dog food, for many reasons. One food recall was my last straw. In addition, Katrina was now requiring a food that addressed Katrina’s allergies, in addition to having a low caloric intake, due to metabolism changes. This proved impossible! Despite getting almost 2 hours of exercise at times, I still needed and wanted her to maintain her healthy ideal weight. So I was on a quest along with my vet to find a food that would address both allergy and caloric issues. Countless hours of research only proved there was absolutely nothing for my Katrina in the traditional dog food industry! Again I was devastated frustrated and disillusioned. In need of a miracle, in trust, I turned to this company and they provided me with another miracle. I, along with my vet had countless questions and issues, needing to be positively addressed. To my amazement Katrina’s food dilemma, was solved. This company proved to me each and every time questions and concerns were raised, to have an overflow of knowledge and compassion… Right away I was told they could create a food that would specifically be for Katrina! All I did was give them a list of her allergies, any supplements she was taking, any health issues and they did the rest!
To date I can truly say this food remains a miracle! I am at peace knowing that Katrina is being given the miracle food of natural quality nutrition that includes vital vitamins, minerals and probiotics…To me she is healthier on the inside and out! She is doing better than awesome! She has better digestion great weight, smaller, almost no smell poop and more. It is also fantastic to have a food that is totally natural healthy, smells good, has identifiable ingredients and more!

Every time I think of how much this company has helped both Katrina and myself, I get a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes. This will always remain as will our business! The only huge regret is that I did not find out about this company sooner! Customer Service is over the top in many ways. They still check on how Katrina is doing on diet, after all this time! I am most confident you will have tremendous results that will be life changing.

If Katrina could talk she would insistently tell you to give this company a try, because your dog deserves it and that owners owe it to our canine family members to give them the best!

Barb and Katrina (Service Dog) Forgione
Rochester, New York

Barb and Katrina



“My business has been selling Healthy Alternative Pet Diets for over 4 years. In that time we have been able to help dozens of dogs who have immune, allergy or health issues. Healthy Alternatives brings a unique approach to dog food. A veterinarian is involved in the day to day operations of this company and will review medical records for a dog having issues to create a custom raw diet for them. The price difference per pound is negligible for the custom diets however we have seen the food produce miracles. Many of our clients have been able to drastically reduce their vet treatments and bills simply by changing their dog’s diet to a human grade, quality raw food. In a medical environment that is focused on the treating symptoms, we are happy to be able to offer a product that allow customers to treat their pet’ entire self. This product also allows businesses to gain a higher profit margin than with traditional dry, processed foods. We have virtually discontinued carrying dry food!”
Canine Creature Comforts - Daycare, Training & Boarding




Ronin came to us from the Montgomery county SPCA weighing 111lbs and suffering from several skin irritations throughout his body. We tried several different dry foods but it wasn’t until we fed him the HPAD raw diet that the weight came on and his skin issues subsided. We haven’t turned back since and are very happy with the value of the food and the health benefits realized. He is now a happy and healthy 135lbs in the below picture with plenty of energy and a healthy physique.

Nate B




Garvin and Marsha, Thank you so much! I wanted to write you to express my gratitude. Since switching Cola to “Healthier Pets” I have seen a world of difference. Cola’s physique has changed significantly. She is leaner with more muscle definition, her breath has ceased to smell like “dog breath” and her coat has taken on a healthy shine. Beyond all that the fact that the food is made fresh weekly is a huge plus for us. For the first time, I feel like I am putting something unequivocally healthy in her body. In all honesty it feels more like a friend is preparing meals with Cola expressly in mind and less like I am buying dog food. You have a convert and a customer for life!

Nico, Molly and Cola




My dog (King) love – and I mean they LOVE – healthier pets. My dog have more energy, and coat is amazing. This food speaks for itself, all you have to do is read the ingredients and see how your dog looks after feeding it a while.For healthier pets I rotate between the duck, chicken, lamb, beef, sport mix, turkey necks.