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Duck Puppy Formula


Sometimes our furry friends have allergies during their younger years, but don’t fret we can make a diet even for the most allergenic pup, so both you and your new puppy can enjoy growing up together.


Fish Puppy Formula


Another one of our formulas in the arsenal against allergies. When you have a puppy that is facing dermal allergies or even GI upsets here is a diet that will help lead them onto the path of recovery while providing then the added nutrients they may be losing during their illness.

Puppy Prep Package: 30 LBS/30 PACKS & 1 MINI FREE SUPPLEMENT


Puppy Prep Package

No More Guessing & More Savings!

A Perfect Combination Of Formulas That Are Most Beneficial To Growing Puppies, No Matter What Their Jobs Will Be When They’re Older. When You Get A Pup You Want To Start Them Off Right, With All The Necessary Fat, Carbohydrates, Proteins, Vegetables, Fruits, Vitamins, Minerals, Oils, Pre & Probiotics That Every Pup Will Need To Grow Up To Be Their Best & Live The Best Life.

What’s Inside The Box?

You Will Receive :

Chicken Puppy Formula

Salmon Puppy Formula

Beef Puppy Formula

BOX : 30 LBS/30 PACKS & 1 (8 Ounce) SUPPLEMENT

Rabbit Puppy Formula


Sensitive tummies will not be afraid. Our Rabbit puppy diet is great for hypoallergenic dogs. It’s very high in protein, very lean and easily to digest. Your pup will be very pleased


Turkey Pup Formula


Little tummies can now feel better on our turkey formula. Use either to help introduce your new puppy to his or her new home, and reduce the stress that can be experienced with the transition, or feed your puppy this formulation along with one of the other formulation to help get them off to a great start.