Tristate Package


Tristate Pet Package

Free Shipping! A 30 Pack Package, Made Up Of A Random Combination of Formulas! If your Dog Isn’t Picky and Likes Something Different every day, This Could Be For You, Save Money While Your Pup Enjoys A New Formula every day! This package is for our Tristate Pups that reside in the following states: New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, Delaware, and New Jersey!




30 LB BOX & 1 Free Supplement : $125.00

Chicken Formula: A well-balanced formula made from whole chicken & organs including complex carbohydrates, with the added benefits of pre & probiotics added to enhance GI tract health & well-being. A protein that aids in the building of muscle mass while providing essential nutrients & vitamins such as Omega 6 Fatty Acids & Glucosamine. A simple starting diet and a favorite amongst many pets of all shapes & sizes!


Beef Formula: A Formula made with only the best cuts of beef. Our Beef Formula is a diet created with a balance of fat & protein. This formula is chock full of vegetables, minerals, and all the necessary nutrients such as Vitamin B, Vitamin A, Iron, Niacin, and Omega 3 & 6 Fatty Acids and more! A formula created to feed & build muscle.


Turkey Formula: A Formula that’s easy on the digestive tract and made with fresh USDA Whole Turkey & Organ Meats. A great formula for pets with sensitive stomachs, that need to lose weight, or need a leaner healthier diet. Our 99% Fat-Free Turkey Formula is tasty and leaves your pet feeling better than ever before!


Life Maintenance Supplement: There can be nothing better than Life Maintenance for that daily dose of vitamins and minerals. It is almost like a daily multivitamin supplement we can use to keep our bodies healthy and happy. This supplement is recommended for dogs that may be lacking or need extra vitamins & minerals to help keep their tails wagging or to just to ensure your pup is getting all their essential vitamins & minerals and keeping their immune system strong. The vitamins & minerals in this supplement can aid in overall health but can specifically aid in digestion issues, fatigue, skin health, and more…!




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30 LB BOX, 50 LB BOX